HopeMania (June 14, 2015)


An article about this event was featured on Golden State Newspapers website!

  • “Pistolero” Julio Pedroza with “The Cold One” AC won a 25-man battle royal, last eliminating Clay Tawzer
  • Nicole Savoy defeated “Fallen Flower” Kikyo Nakamura and Team Canada’s Kimmy Shellhammer
  • “Mr. Athletic” Jeff Cobb and Italy’s Vito Rea fought to a 10-minute, time-limit draw
  • “Team Canada” Shoop Shellhammer and Scoot Robertson with Kimmy Shellhammer defeated Chicano Flame and Eki Sol
  • Clay Tawzer claimed a five-person scramble bout over Amish Johnson, Jonny Yen, Mikko Maestro and Kallis
  • The Honor Society (Sir Samurai with “The Cold One” AC) defeated the Classic Connection (“The Ace” Buddy Royal and “The Unorthodox” Levi Shapiro); “Irishman” Shawn Gunn and Jack Flag; the Perfect Kings (“Big Dawgg” Lee Perfetto and JJ King); and The Real Deala’z (P-Daddy and Will Roberts) in a five-team gauntlet match
  • “Metalhead Maniac” Sledge (No. 1 contender to the WFC championship) defeated “Wrestling Personified” Rik Luxury
  • “Los Anti Freaks” (“Pistolero” Julio Pedroza, Vinny Massarro and Jesus “Ricardo” Rodriguez) defeated the Freaks (WFC heavyweight champion Jeckles, Jinxx and T-Lo the Insane-O)

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