Santa Rosa Showdown II (June 18, 2011)

Saturday June

  • Sheik Khan Abadi d. “Russian Wolf” Alexis Darevko
  • Kryptonite addressed the crowd, announcing the fact that Hurricane Helms, as a result of his severe accident sustained recently, he would not be able to defend the WFC tag team titles with Kryptonite. As Kryptonite was talking, The Sotello Syndicate interrupted – with Buddy Sotello, ESQ. demanding the WFC tag titles be stripped immediately. After the Sotello Syndicate cornered Kryptonite, Santa Rosa’s own Jack Brinx entered from a side door, causing confusion, and even panic from the Sotello goons. Brinx and Kryptonite then challenged the Syndicate to a NO DQmatch for the WFC tag titles later in the evening.
  • Chicano Flame & G.I. Jose d. “Mountain from Stone Mountain” Larry Blackwell & the 7-foot tall Mr. Massacre after Blackwell missed a second-rope splash on G.I. Jose.
  • Jeckles the Jester d. Shannon Ballard w/ Buddy Sotello, ESQ.
  • Buggy Nova and El Padrino d. The Hottie Boom Bodies: Ryan Von Kool & Davina Rose (now WWE’s Bayley).
  • Matt Carlos d. Aaron Solo with a little help from “Wrestling Personified” Rik Luxury.
  • The Sotello Syndicate: “Brinx Security” Omega & Pinkerton d. Kryptonite & Jack Brinx to win the WFC tag titles after Brinx shockingly laid out his tag partner.
  • Vennis deMarco w/ Buddy Sotello, ESQ. d. “Mexican” Werewolf” El Chupacabra, “Rock Legend Scum” Adam Thornstowe and “Wrestling Personified” Rik Luxury in an Earthquake elimination bout to claim the WFC Heavyweight championship.

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