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How to Support WFC

Are you or your business interested in reaching hundreds to thousands of potential customers and clients while supporting great community organizations? Look no further than Wrestling For Charity, where philanthropy meets the mat!

If you, your company or business is interested in making a donation (monetary or barter) please contact WFC using the form below for additional information.

  • Wrestling For Charity has an array of sponsorship and marketing opportunities available to meet any budget level.
  • Wrestling for Charity will ensure your business gets strong placement in a number of marketing materials, at live events and more.

Want to Raise Money for Your Organization?

Is your Athletic team, school, theater/drama club, community organization, church, non-profit or business looking for a fun, unique and family-friendly way of raising money for special trips, events or parties?

  • Wrestling for Charity can cater to wide array of events, from small, private parties for under 100 people, to large events in front of thousands.
  • Wrestling For Charity can set up a show in a gymnasium, parking lot, baseball field, park, warehouse, and any other building large enough to situate an 18-foot wrestling ring.
  • We can bring you a small, intimate corporate, private event for 100 or less employees, we can do a medium-size venue for around 300-500 people, and we can organize events for thousands as well at large venues.

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Wrestling For Charity – the fun way to bring business to you!

Professional wrestling is one of the most-watched, most-popular attractions Globally, with millions of fans tuning in to watch multiple wrestling and wrestling-related Television programming each and every week. Placing your business in front of hundreds to thousands of fans will ensure you receive great exposure and return on investment.

The popularity of professional wrestling is so big that major corporations and organizations such as Yahoo!, Google, Verizon, AT&T, Budweiser, Coors, Pepsi, National Guard, K-Mart and many more have utilized professional wrestling as mainstream methods of advertising and marketing to potential customers.

Professional wrestling, or pro wrestling, is a non-competitive professional sport, and is also considered an athletic performing art, containing strong elements of catch wrestling and mock combat.

It has origins in sideshows in the late 19th century as part of displays of athletics and strength. Modern professional wrestling usually features striking and grappling techniques, which are modeled after diverse sets of wrestling and pugilistic styles from around the world.

Professional wrestling has become a pervasive form of entertainment especially in Japan and North American countries. High-profile figures in the sport often become cultural icons in their native or adopted home countries, stars such as Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, John Cena, and The Rock in the United States. Leading universities have developed courses of study on the cultural significance of professional wrestling.

Professional wrestling is a billion-dollar industry, drawing revenue from ticket sales, television broadcasts, branded merchandise and home video. It was instrumental in making pay-per-view an industry of it’s own.

If you need to reach WFC, are interested in hosting a WFC wrestling fundraiser, or have any general questions, please contact us below!

Wrestling For Charity LLC is a not-for-profit professional wrestling organization dedicated to helping raise funds for non-profit organizations and causes.

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WFC: Where Philanthropy Meets the Mat and Wrestling Helps the Community!

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